Be energized permanently.
Be empowered for life.

Reiki is easy to learn

There is no prior training or formal experience required to learn Reiki. It is easy to learn and simple to use. It requires no special state of mind or any particular set of beliefs.

The seminars involve an alignment to Reiki through the attunement process, which empowers the student, hands-on sessions, information on the way Reiki works, and a discussion of the various applications of Reiki. An easy-to-read, comprehensive course book, endorsed by the ASLOR association, is given and a certificate is awarded on the completion of each seminar. Students are welcome to re-sit any of the seminars to review the information and to share in Reiki sessions.

Reiki Degree 1

In this one-day seminar you are aligned to the Reiki energy through a series of gentle attunements. The simple act of touch then allows the energy to flow. You are trained in the professional method of using and applying Reiki. You learn to energize specific areas of the body, to relieve stress, to balance and strength the body, and thus receive the limitless life-enhancing benefits that Reiki has to offer.

On completion of Reiki 1 you are permanently aligned to the Reiki energy, empowering you to assist yourself and others, including plants and animals, for the rest of your life.

Your investment is $295.

Reiki Degree 2

In this two-day course you receive the Reiki 2 attunement, which permanently increases the Reiki energy by 2-4 times that of Reiki 1. You receive three of the original Reiki symbols and learn precise, effective techniques that allow you to amplify the Reiki energy using these symbols. You learn a technique for gently clear early childhood trauma, you learn to direct the Reiki energy to achieve specific goals, such as attaining a new job, car or home, you learn to send ‘distant Reiki’ (across space), as well as learning how to give 80 minutes of Reiki in just 5 minutes!

On completion of this course you receive the Reiki 2 course booklet and are awarded the Second Degree Reiki certificate. Although Reiki 2 is primarily a personal development course, certification at this level is widely recognized as being of health care industry standard and allows you to practice professionally, if you so choose.

Your investment is $595.

Reiki Degree 3A

During this two-and-a-half-day course, you receive the 3A attunement, which increases the Reiki energy by 2-5 times that of Reiki 2. The 3A attunement highlights the solar plexus, supplying more nourishing energy to the digestive system, increasing one’s sense of self-empowerment and improving overall vitality. It also highlights the third eye chakra, increasing one’s intuitional abilities and improving brain function.

You receive another original Reiki symbol, which increases your power to protect yourself and well as enhancing the bliss of your Reiki sessions. And using this symbol, along with the three you have learnt at Reiki 2, you learn to give two attunements: the First Degree booster attunement, which can be given to people unaligned to Reiki to attune them temporarily; and the Second Degree booster attunement, which greatly increases the Reiki 2 energy. Both attunements permanently increase the Reiki energy when given to someone who is already aligned within this system and both can be performed on yourself and others and sent distantly.

Reiki 3A assists in removing physical, emotional and mental blockages, bringing greater balance and harmony to all aspects of life.

Your investment is $1,500.

Reiki Degree 4

In this one-day course, you receive the Reiki 4 attunement, which raises your vibration by up to twice that of Reiki 3A, and transmutes negative and discordant energies in the heart centre.

You receive another Reiki symbol, which you learn to use while sharing some beautiful and blissful sessions. Through a gentle opening and expansion of the heart chakra, Reiki 4 awakens feelings of unconditional love, joy and inner-peace, creating a sense of harmony and strength on the emotional level. As the heart chakra opens, more nurturing energy from this centre is allowed to flow to the organs that it supplies, such as the lungs, heart and thymus gland, to improve the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems.

Your investment is $490.

Reiki Degree 5A

In this two-day course you receive the Reiki 5A attunement, which expands the Reiki energy by up to approximately twice that of Reiki 4. This attunement highlights the throat chakra, enhancing the power of words and thoughts, to improve self-esteem, self-expression and communication. It also activates and expands your connection to the energy of the earth, to ground you more firmly in your physical being.

You receive another sacred Reiki symbol, and, using this symbol, you learn to perform special throat and spinal sessions, to bring feelings of harmony, divine peace, clarity and strength to your being. You also learn to perform the Reiki 3 and Reiki 4 booster attunements, both of which permanently increase the Reiki energy.

Reiki 5A actively and gently clears and removes energetic blockages within the throat and spinal column, to awaken inner wisdom and to allow you to discern, speak and live your truth in life.

Your investment is $990.

Reiki Degree 6

In this four-hour course you receive the Reiki 6 attunement, which raises your vibration by up to almost twice that of Reiki 5A, allowing more life-force energy to flow through in every treatment and attunement you perform. This attunement highlights the third eye and soul star chakras, to activate a greater sense of vision and wisdom, and awaken tranquil feelings of divine peace and harmony.

There are no symbols or attunements to learn at Reiki 6, because this level is about awakening your higher spiritual centres, which go beyond physicality and the operations of the mind.

Your investment is $390.

Reiki Degree 7A

In this two-and-a-half-day course you receive the three Reiki 7A attunements, which raise your vibration to twice that of Reiki 6, highlighting the crown, third eye and occipital chakras, increasing the flow of divine cosmic energies into these centres, to allow you to sense and experience greater wisdom, clarity and divine peace.

You receive the Seventh Degree Reiki symbol, and using this symbol you learn to perform two powerful Reiki sessions. You also learn to perform three attunements: the Fifth Degree, Sixth Degree and Seventh Degree booster attunements, all of which permanently increase the Reiki energy when given to someone who is already aligned within this system, and all attunements can be performed on yourself and others and sent distantly.

Reiki 7A actively and gently clears interferences and blockages from within the higher centres, to awaken inner wisdom and allow you to better receive, process and integrate information.

Your investment is $1,900.

Teacher Levels

After completing all seven practitioner or A levels, including the five master levels (Reiki 3A to Reiki 7A), one can then learn the teacher or B levels. All the practitioner levels are taught first, to allow people to benefit from the increase in energy and all the techniques, without having the responsibilities of teaching. By learning all the practitioner levels first those who wish to go on to teach also benefit, because by having all their major energy centres, including the higher centres, boosted and balanced by all the attunements of all the practitioner levels, certain qualities are given an opportunity to be develop, qualities such as compassion, discernment, awareness and wisdom, to assist them with teaching. Learning all the practitioner levels first also means that the student has a knowledge of the entire seven level system before they teach any part of it. After learning 7A, if you wish to become a teacher, you can then learn Reiki 3B, Reiki 5B, and Reiki 7B. For more information on the teacher levels click here.

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