I heartily endorse both the Reiki 1 course and the Reiki Energy Therapy centre. It is an exceptionally well presented and structured course with a great blend of theory and hands on exercises. And cheap too.
A Cameron

Reiki is a life-changing course that seems to reveal more of itself and your potential with each level. It is very rewarding from level 1, and keeps on getting better. Thank you Alex for sharing your gift as a teacher and warm personality.
S Dwyer

Pain killers, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage didn't work for my shoulder and neck pain. I tried hypnotism 3 times by 3 people, didn't work. 30 minutes of Reiki, next morning I got up happy and painless!
N Burnfield

Reiki is not just a technique, it is a way of life. It is joy, it is healing and it gives you a lovely feeling of peace. Thank you Alex. I am glad I found your website. It is a pleasure to be in your classes. I like your precision in presenting the information and I love your humour.
C Tully

With Reiki 2 my energy levels have gone up considerably. I feel alert and focused and less emotional. The teaching was great and I feel very pleased that I have learnt the right system.
R Shah

Reiki has inspired me to take responsibility for my life, and has given me the tools with which I can do so. The practical applications and potential of Reiki can be applied to your self and not just on others and so makes Reiki a great tool for all to use to manifest great things in their lives.
A Shah

Reiki 7A is a great course, where you'll be blasted with infinite amounts of cosmic energy. And it completes the practitioner levels, so you are able to do all the booster attunements… Bliss!
R Berling

Level 5A was a large increase in energy and it encompassed and brought together all the levels thus far in a holistic manner. It has had a dramatic positive effect on me.
C Mills

Thanks for the adventure! … If I had known it was going to be so easy and accessible I'd have done it years ago. Feel Fab! Thank you.
E Ricketts

I always have been very inspired by Reiki and Alex has a way of teaching that has boosted that even more greatly for me. Thank you so much Alex. Your passion for Reiki is inspiring and your teaching is professional, clear, accurate and useful.
D Wild

Perfect. Great. Awesome. Beautiful! Very powerful! I am so Grateful, Happy and Blissed! Reiki 3A is so beautiful and empowering. A great gift to myself and to all the people I share my life with - I have even more love and light to share with them now. Thank you!
T Melnychenko

Reiki 1 is a great course, well presented. Everyone should do it. It will help you help yourself and those around you to increase their wellbeing and improve their health. I highly recommend it.
I Petarnichki

All doubts and confusions about the different systems were cleared up for me in this course. I feel more motivated now to continue with Reiki to higher levels. Reiki 2 has shown me how to incorporate Reiki into my everyday life in ways that are practical and beneficial. Thank you for being an inspiration.
S Owen

So many benefits gained from Reiki 2 - where to start??
Stronger sense of purpose and connection to the universe. Increased feeling of calm and security in the face of many challenges - eg. relationship break-up, surgery. Most of all - dramatically improved love-life. Reiki is the modern day spiritual seekers aphrodisiac. The "lassoo technique" is highly recommended!!
S McDevitt

Reiki 4 is a beautiful level. The divine love and bliss received is a privilege and an honour. I now look forward to using this enhanced love and energy every day of my life. If only every person could experience this beauty.
J Mountfort

Reiki 2 was excellent, very informative and also enjoyable. One of the best courses I've been to and the best investment I've made. Thank you!
C Tam

WOW! Reiki 2 is a step into another world - where you take greater action in shaping it. I never imagined there would be such a variety of practical applications. This is about being pro-active in enhancing life. I've been inspired by this course more than any other. Reiki Energy Seminars is a school I happily recommend - Alex and Eva are focused and gifted teachers. Thank you for enriching my life.
E Rados

The Seven Level System of Reiki is a beautiful method which is a priviledge to learn how to use. In our daily lives which can be so 'disconnecting', alignment with Reiki energy is even more necessary. The tingles you feel during and after alignment are also very special.
A Herschtal

I found the course in-depth and enlightening. I came away with a better appreciation of the beauty and dicipline of Reiki whilst also being able to experience this first hand.
H Brandle

With all the different types of Reiki systems and schools available, it's difficult to choose which one to attend. I had chosen a school whose name indicated an international scope and although the business and course were conducted with professionalism, the Reiki energy does not compare to that of Reiki Energy Seminars. There is a difference! I spent years sharing what I thought was healing reiki energy, until I experienced the Reiki energy of the Original Seven Level System.

My heart knows the truth and I share this truth with you, to help you make the best decision. Alex and Eva are dedicated and compassionate teachers who are committed to sharing the truth of Reiki. The experience is a total joy!

E Rados

After completing the Reiki 1 Seminar, I felt rejuvinated with an energy never before felt. The course was presented in a very clear and effective manner, using a variety of theory and practice. After the class I felt confident to use my newly-found Reiki in a number of different situations.
Reiki really can help us heal the world!

I feel inspired to continue my path in life using this ancient and awe-inspiring healing method.
S Owen

I never could have imagined how I would be affected by Reiki 1 & 2. I feel like I have released old blockages and beliefs, clearing space for an abundant source of energy to come into my life. To actually FEEL this new energy is amazing and now leaves me with a profound choice of how to use it in my life.

Alex and Eva provided a beautiful, light and safe environment for this clearing to happen. Alex’s depth of knowledge is evident; he is a natural teacher and his passion for his work is infectious.
Thank you both,
T Donnelly

I started receiving and learning Reiki at Reiki Energy Therapy after suffering an ankle injury that traditional methods, such as physiotherapy, failed to heal after many months of treatments. The Reiki has not only significantly helped the physical injury – to the point where it has virtually totally recovered – but has had a big effect on my energy levels as well. Six months after learning Reiki 1 and 2, I not only practice on myself but I have been giving Reiki to others, and the results are phenomenal. I would like to thank Alex and Eva for their excellent work and commend them to all. Yours truly,
M Thompson

I was aligned to Reiki some three months ago and since then I can honestly say my energy levels are higher, as is my sense of happiness and well-being. At first I was a little skeptical, but after my class with Alex and Eva I came to understand the philosophy behind the teachings of Reiki and I’m now able to incorporate it into my daily life, making me a happier and more energetic person. The alignment was wonderful and Alex and Eva shared their knowledge of Reiki with me in a manner that was easy to understand and use. I would say to anyone thinking of doing Reiki to let Alex and Eva be your guides, as I did, and be assured you will not find two more generous and enlightened people willing to pass on their knowledge. I’m more than happy to confirm this and my details are available from the King St Newtown Reiki centre.
Warmest universal light to you all.
J Fittock

Reiki has changed my life for the better.

I have personal experience of it helping me live in better health. I have had an ovarian condition, which, after Reiki sessions given to me over a period of about 4 to 6 weeks by Eva and then by myself, has improved dramatically.

There are other issues that Reiki is helping me with too, and they include:
• helping me to stay a non-smoker
• increasing my motivation to keep improving my general physical health
• becoming better at dealing with anxiety and negativity
• developing a sense of being at one with the universe
• enhancing my connection to the spiritual
• empowering me with a sense of clarity about what my purpose in life is

Reiki is helping me to see that I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to follow my life’s purpose:


I also feel that Reiki is very gently clearing deep emotional issues that I had been carrying for years.

I recently did the first 2 levels of the Original 7 Level System of Reiki with Reiki Energy Seminars. Ifound the coursework and material of a very high standard. Alex Topic’s teaching style is really thorough, in-depth, and entertaining.

The Reiki centre itself has a very welcoming atmosphere. If you are interested in learning more about the ancient and beautiful healing art of Reiki I strongly suggest you pay a visit to Alex and Eva at their center in Newtown.
J Riki

I am a personal trainer and I have found that Reiki has assisted me a great deal.

Through Reiki I have discovered that our bodies store emotions not only in our hearts and minds, but in our tissues: joints, muscles and organs. And I have discovered that Reiki is the perfect way to clear any physical blockages that negative emotions cause.

Recently I had a painful right knee that had been giving me discomfort so I decided to get a Reiki treatment from Alex at Reiki Energy Therapy and found it extremely beneficial.

He gave me an attunement prior to the session to increase my body’s energy so to assist the body in healing itself.

During the session I experienced waves of tingling throughout my body and occasional sharp sensations, as my meridians (energy channels) began to clear. I was aware also of small involuntary movements in my face and extremities. Gradually, I began to lull into a deeply relaxed state and even slept, which was a blissful experience.

Towards the end of the session I was awoken by a surge of energy as the tingling started buzzing right through my entire body. I felt like jumping up and running! It was the most incredible feeling!

After the session, I got up to discover that my knee had no pain whatsoever! Furthermore, I had an overwhelming sense of clarity and inner-peace, and a new energy and positivity that I had been lacking during the week. I again felt like myself and ready to go forth in my day radiating wellbeing!
Yours truly,
J Mountfort

Over the past few months I have been receiving Reiki from Alex to assist me in healing a heat rash, which I’ve had for 14 years and treated with cortisone cream and acupuncture without much success. Since receiving Reiki I have noticed a great improvement in both the colour and also the texture of the heat rash.

To further assist my health Alex recommended that I learn Reiki 1 and 2 to empower me so that I can treat myself, and others also. The energy that I have received since learning Reiki 1 and 2 has been very powerful. One benefit is that I feel stronger when I am at the gym.

Reiki 2 teaches many techniques. One particular technique uses one of the symbols to find items which have been lost or misplaced. I used this technique just the other day to find an expensive watch I had misplaced and I found it in minutes … it was truly amazing.

Also, using a technique that is taught in Reiki 2 my heat rash has improved enormously through my own treatment of it.
C Hatzantonis