Reiki is a form of energy therapy that promotes health and well-being by boosting and balancing the natural flow of energy within the body. It is effective at treating all forms of stress and disease, whether they are a result of physical injury, emotional trauma, mental anxiety or spiritual discontent, giving you a sense of inner-peace, harmony, clarity and vitality throughout your entire being.

Because Reiki boosts and balances life-force energy, and life-force energy is essential to all the various activities and functions of a living being, Reiki assists with all forms of illness and disorder, everything from headaches, eczema, broken bones and polycystic ovarian syndrome, to chronic fatigue, diabetes, tumors and AIDS, to name just a few. Reiki not only treats the symptoms of disease, it also works on the causal level by bringing harmony and strength to your overall being so that you are in a better condition to prevent disease and deal with the demands of modern life.

The Seven Level System of Reiki is the only form of Reiki that offers therapeutic attunements as part of its treatments, whereby you are aligned temporarily to the Reiki energy (for 4-5 days, on average) so that you can treat yourself as much as you desire in that period to enhance your life-force energy. In this way, also, a person can experience Reiki first-hand before deciding whether they would like to be permanently aligned.

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